My Story About Giving Up Binge Drinking

My Story About Giving Up Binge DrinkingOver 5 years ago I set this blog up to help me gather my thoughts together on the journey I started back in 2006, in which I stopped drinking alcohol completely. The blog has grown since mainly from the people that are kind enough to leave comments. Over 150,000 visitors in total have passed through. The comments helped build up a huge resource that I’m proud to have been able to nurture.

Many comments are inspirational and help me as well as you. After writing the first couple of posts, I found out that I wasn’t alone. In fact, I’m amazed by how many people are in the same boat. Either there is a realisation that alcohol has played its part in our lives and we want to move on, or else a realisation that alcohol and society has a big hold over us and we want to regain some sort of control.

Help is here

I’ve reorganised things here to try to make it easier to find posts written either by me or guests that have kindly taken time out to help support this blog with their own work. For this, I am very grateful as managing a blog takes some dedication. But if this is your first visit here and you’re looking to give up, you’re in the right place. Many who posted comments come back later to report how they are getting on, creating a community feel here. I think that this helps people realise that they aren’t alone on this journey.

Take it a step at a time

Like all journeys, especially long and difficult ones, the best way to focus is to break it down and take it a step at a time. I found in my own recovery, that writing really helped. I found it useful to read back over old posts and realise how far I’d moved forward. I always recommend this to any of you who are just starting out, to do the same.

If in doubt, ask

Read through my posts, read the guest posts and then take a look at the 5 steps I took that I believe finally helped me give up drink. Step 5 is the most popular page on this blog, with over 800 comments on it alone. For those wishing to be totally inspired, it is recommended reading. If you want to contact me, or want my advice, just post a comment and I’ll reply to you.

Last, but not least

I set up a Book Corner – with the titles that help me, even to this day. There are a couple of stand out books including Susan Jeffers and Carol Dweck, well recommended and will help you zero in on the focus you need to help you reach your goal. Buying books through the Amazon affiliate links really helps with the blog running costs. It won’t cost you a penny, but I do get a few pennies in return, which all helps.