Faster Reaction Times Since Giving up Drink

It’s 5 years since I last drank.

In that time I’ve noticed two things happen. I’ve got more energy and secondly, my reaction times are much quicker.

Like most people, I used to find it so hard to get up in the mornings. Especially after a big night out. I’d spend as long as i could under the sheets waiting for my hangover to pass. I’d lost count of the Saturday and Sunday mornings I’d slept through in my drinking days.

But giving up drinking gives you so much energy. You no longer feel tired, because you’re now getting better quality sleep at night. With this extra sleep you find that you can do much more.

I find that I wake up 6am every day of the week. I see more of the day, and it’s one of the best side effects of giving up alcohol!

Not just extra waking hours, I find that my reaction times also changed.

Before, when I drank, I’d drop things on the floor, try to catch things and I’d miss them. Almost within a couple of weeks of giving up, I found that I would catch, almost instinctively, things as they fell to the floor. I only really started to notice this when people around me watch me catch things that was a forgone conclusion that it would hit the floor.

I was passed a hot cup of coffee and the cup slipped in the saucer. Almost in slow motion I recovered it and steadied it without spilling a drop. It should have slipped off and all over the floor.

In both cases, I’ve found that drink simply dulls the senses. For me, it held me back. It’s as though I didn’t feel things around me, that i was somehow insulated from my surroundings. I bumped my way through life and felt as though I was reaching the limit of what I could do both physically and intellectually.

But, since giving up drinking I’ve rediscovered how much you can do with your life, how much there is to gain. And since finding this out, I’ve not looked back.

There are so many benefits of giving up drinking. These were two unexpected ones that I get to use and benefit from on a daily basis.

If you’re thinking about giving up or are int he early days of doing so, then take comfort. It is life changing. Be prepared and enjoy.


Author: James

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