Charlie Sheen Offers Help to Lindsay Lohan To Quit Drinking

Anyone trying to stop drinking alcohol needs a buddy that can help them when they’re feeling low and likely to fall off the wagon. I did. A good friend of mine gave up drinking about 7 years before I did. Right off I envied him. He gave up just like that and was someone who enjoyed drinking as much as the next man. I wished that I could give up the same and it took another 7 years before I managed to stop falling off the wagon and finally give up.

Just like Lindsay Lohan, I needed someone to be able to talk to when, especially when I’d had a crap day and just wanted to fall into the armchair with my favourite beer and get drunk. I came home from work many times wanting to do just that. When I got the serious urge to go and buy drink, I knew at that moment I had to call my good friend. I did often, and always when I was close to drinking again. I asked him the day I gave up, if I could call him, 24/7 and he agreed. He’d been there and knew what it was like. He was rooting for me as well and he often called me on a Sunday evening to see how I was, how my weekend had been and we talked long.

Having a buddy there for me helped make the difference between it being just another period of trying to quit, and actually quitting. If he hadn’t been there, I’m sure I would have relapsed. I’d have had to find help outside of my circle of friends and family. There are loads of places to find that kind of help, it just would have taken a little effort.

So if I was Lindsay Lohan, I’d be happy that Charlie Sheen was offering to call and help. Fortunately for me, when I was falling on and off the wagon, I didn’t have the world’s press photographing me or journos typing up how I’d crashed and burned again. To be able to quietly get on with your life and deal with this behind closed doors is a luxury. How celebrities manage I don’t know. I guess you have to be a certain kind of person to deal with the pressure of being in the spotlight the whole time.

At least for me I was able to quit and slowly re-build myself and do it without needing drink, all behind closed doors. If you’re a celeb and reading this, my heart goes out to you guys.


Author: James

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