Not Drinking Alcohol Does not Necessarily Mean you are Pregnant

The Times of India reported yesterday that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton was spotted not drinking alcohol at the weekend wedding of Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips in Edinburgh. Naturally the TOI deduced that this must be because Kate is pregnant or trying to conceive. Prince William was also spotted not drinking.

Perhaps there is a very simple explanation – the newly-wed royal couple are abstaining from drinking as they settle into their marriage, knowing full well that an army of tabloid paparazzi are lying in wait for an inappropriate image that will make their fortune. Both know only too well the depths that tabloid papers will go to, to get their stories, why make it easy for them and get snapped with an easy picture of them drunkenly grinning at hidden paparazzi.

Let’s hope that they are going to steer a new course and encourage a generation of young people that drinking is not needed to have a good time. Kate has already made a dramatic entrance to the world of fashion and her choices of fashion are likely to be as closely followed and mimicked as her late Mother in Law. Could the same happen with their drinking choice? What wonderful ambassadors they could become, our non-drinking cool royal couple who show that you can you’re your hair down, without getting drunk to do it.


Author: James

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