Does Alcohol Turn People Into Rioters?

Watching the horrendous images on the TV showing young kids ripping into shops and looting the entire contents and girls bragging about riots make you wonder why it started and how it will stop. Is it because they are fuelled with alcohol, or because they have seen others on TV looting and apparently getting away with it. A strong motivator for some and once those around are doing the same there is enough social proof that the right thing is to do what everyone else is doing.

Does the fact that alcohol in the UK is cheap and relatively available give the necessary encouragement to join the crowd, especially to those who might have thought twice about becoming a rioter. Or is it something to do with a large section of school kids who have traveled through the school system, yet been unable to learn anything of substance except survive. And on leaving, find that they are unable to find work to earn enough to emulate the pop stars they see on their TV screens? Is seems it there is a growing X-factor or lottery or footballer lifestyles that kids dream of, all the successes without the necessary effort? What is it that sparks up kids to pick up a glass bottle and fight instead of a pen to apply for work?

I know I’ve asked many questions, I have to admit that I don’t have any answers.


Author: James

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