Alcohol will beat you if you cannot get passed your denial

No point betting against alcohol, no matter what you throw at it, alcohol will always win. Alcohol is a super efficient destroyer of lives, no matter whose life is pitted against it, the results are the same.

For some people they can co-exist with alcohol in a normal way and not worry like those of us in recovery. It’s totally impossible for someone in recovery to have a drink and walk away from it. Some try, like Robin Williams did, but even though it was a 20 year gap since he last drunk alcohol, it was enough of a scent for the brain to pick up on the old ways, firing off neurons that hadn’t been fired in 20 years. What a party those neurons must have had, acquaintances reacquainted he was back on the booze. Alcohol 1 – 0 Us in Recovery.

Now some people reading this will think that it is just a few that have real problems with alcohol abuse and think that they are so lucky they aren’t like us recovering alcoholics. Oh, but many people are victims to alcohol. Consider those who say they don’t need alcohol, and they can go days between drinks. Ok, no problem, but I bet my house that the days without alcohol are Monday to Friday afternoon. Ask people if they can survive without alcohol and the majority will say yes. But ask them to spend a weekend off alcohol, but to go out to parties and most of that crowd will break into a sweat. Because the sad fact is that most people are dependent on alcohol. They need it, for Dutch courage, to get the party started, to lift spirits, etc.

So that makes most people, especially young people and kids alcoholics? Certainly there are many more people who cannot survive weekends partying on anything stronger than mineral water. So why the mass denial? Well denial by its very definition is the toughest obstacle to get over. For all of us in recovery we’ve had to overcome denial. Those who are starting out recovering are probably finding out how hard denial is to overcome, (it is worth it!). Overcoming denial is a bit like comparing your journey to that of a climber who just climbed Mt. Everest. That would have taken planning and effort and a mindset hell bent on succeeding, and so does over coming denial.

Like all things, the personal gratification is so well worth the effort put in. So if you are realising you’re at that stage when you’ve got to get over denial, keep at it. Get a picture of Mt. Everest and imagine you are one of the climbers on the way up. Imagine the view at the top, the view is already pretty good. Tell yourself you can do it, because the very nature that you’ve got this far proves to yourself that you’re well on the way to overcoming denial.


Author: James

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One thought on “Alcohol will beat you if you cannot get passed your denial”

  1. I think what worries me most about alcohol dependence is just how easy it can be to fall into. After all, alcohol is generally socially-acceptable – you’re almost “expected” to drink at parties and so on. If you’re not careful you can end up consuming alcohol on a regular basis without anyone – including yourself – having any concerns about it. Then suddenly one day you turn around and realize you couldn’t imagine a weekend without it. Scary stuff IMHO.


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