My Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Drinks

  1. Coffee – Black & strong, the fresher & stronger, the better
  2. Black Earl Grey Tea – straight, not with lemon, save that for the Tonic Water
  3. Pellegrino Sparkling Water – served straight from the fridge
  4. Diet Tonic Water with plenty of ice & lemon
  5. Guaraná – Brazilian Soft Drink

There aren’t much in the way of non-alcoholic drinks when you go out for the night. I found that drinking water is the only way to last the night. Here is tip, make sure you have plenty of ice and lemon and most people think you are drinking Gin Tonic, which is great because you then don’t have to worry about making up an excuse about why you aren’t drinking. Not that you need to of course, but it is a pain to start the evening, having to give your elevator speech about why you don’t drink.

Coffee has always been my favourite drink. Now coffee is much more accepted and you can get a good cup most places. The coffee revolution has swept through the UK and now you can buy good coffee in most pubs, which is something that was nearly impossible to do just a few years back.

One of the things I bought for myself as a treat for giving up drinking was a Nespresso Machine. Makes fantastic coffee and is more reliable than the Bialetti, but not as fun.

No matter what anyone tells you, drinking to have fun does not need to involve alcohol.


Author: James

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