Is It Safe To Drink Non-Alcoholic Wine After Giving Up Drinking?

Looking through my blog at some of the Google searches that brought people here, I came across a question that someone was looking for an answer. Is it safe to drink non-alcoholic wine after you stop drinking. Well in the 6 years now that I’ve not drunk, I can say that I’ve kept away from anything resembling alcohol. That includes wine and beer. I really have no idea what it would be like to drink a non-alcoholic beer now. Until today I’ve drunk an ocean of coffee, soda water and not had the urge to try anything non-alcoholic for one reason…what if I actually like it enough to find myself back to drinking alcohol again. For me the risk is too great. I’d much rather skip the non-alcoholic drinks and just enjoy drinking different things. Surely it would be just like trying to ride a Harley with a 50cc engine. I mean it looks like a Harley and feels like a Harley, but just doesn’t sound like a Harley and that’s the point, you’d want to then go find a real Harley to ride and my 6 years abstinence re-sets to zero and I get to start over!?

So in answer, for me it isn’t something I’m rushing out to do. I wrote about Robin Williams taking a sip of drink years after he gave up drinking and found that he was back on the booze as if he hadn’t stopped. I think you get a taste for alcohol and the brain knows that you’re drinking a ‘kind of alcoholic’ drink, only it knows there is something missing and you might find yourself reaching for something stronger.

What do you think? Do you think it’s safe to drink a non-alcoholic drink after you’ve stopped drinking? Write and let me know in the comments.


Author: James

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40 thoughts on “Is It Safe To Drink Non-Alcoholic Wine After Giving Up Drinking?”

  1. I found reading all these comments very enlightening. I have decided to stop drinking,it has been 3 weeks. I have no problem and as was mentioned, it is LIBERATING!!!! I was trying to bring something to a dinner party where no one knows yet of my decision – not even my best friends. My husband knows as of this morning! don’t want to call attention to the fact at a gathering. I was reading the comments about non alcoholic wine – makes me nervous. I was drinking out of habit but I don’ t want to trigger anything. Looking for something to bring out to a dinner party…I have enjoyed pure cranberry juice at home – definitely a ‘sipper’!
    Glad I read all comments.


    1. Hi Paddy, Great to hear you’ve joined this club – I’ve always enjoyed sparkling water…in a glass with ice and lemon it looks like a gin tonic and can make you feel less self conscious. Let us know what you take in the end and how you get on! James


      1. Hi James,
        Thank you for replying. I like that idea of the pretend gin and tonic. It really is interesting that one has to do that to be socially acceptable at least at this point for me.
        I know my friends will feel awkward when I finally tell them. When my dad stopped drinking he said he lost friends because they didn’t think he was fun anymore.
        I looked for an answer on this site before I left for the dinner party and had not noticed one, so I had to wing it and just told the hostess I was “trying something new”. She asked me again later on if I wanted a drink, and was ok with my answer.
        It was a bit hard for me as she kept pouring these glasses of delicious looking red wine for everyone!
        I am so glad I joined this club and I think at this point the non alcoholic wine is a no no for me.
        Thank you so much for your help.


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