Why Steve Jobs was an Inspiration in Helping me Give up Drinking

Believe it or not, the question of whether or not Steve Jobs drank alcohol brings more traffic to my site that anything else. Why? Well my blog about Steve Jobs’ Stanford University graduation speech seems to bring a ton of traffic about it.

As to whether or not he actually drank or was an alcoholic I can’t say. I read Walter Isaacson’s biography on Jobs within a week of it coming out, there weren’t any signs about him being an alcoholic. He was a hero of mine from years back, so I was happy to at least read that he wasn’t a regular drunk, though he clearly experimented with drugs in his early years. The reason I was so interested in Jobs, enough to write about his Stanford accept speech, was his inspiration. If you ever wanted to see how a presentation should be delivered, all you needed to do was watch any of his keynotes. He kept them uncluttered, simple and timed to perfection.

He inspired me and I enjoyed following his career and the rise of Apple Inc. Inspiration is the key to giving up drinking or smoking or whatever it is you are addicted to. Alcohol was my demon and anyone with a similar addiction will know how hard it is to give it up.

So in giving up you need inspiration. You need to know that it is worthwhile, this life change, and something worth should bother to do. Without inspiration, giving up anything is much, much harder.

So whether or not he was drunk is immaterial to me. He inspired me to find myself and in that process was able to find a route to give up drinking. It inspired me to start this blog to write about my journey and the progress I made along it. You guys who read and post comments give me the inspiration to continue and keep posting here on my Blog. Without inspiration none of us would be able to do anything, we’d have no focus or guide to pull us out and upward to a better place.

I hope that those of you who are starting out on the road to recovery get some inspiration from me to. I’d love to think that the pain of what I’ve been through helps you to get to your destination more quickly. Enjoy your life and make something of it. Make your plan to stop drinking today and go for it!

What do you think? Please write and tell me in the comments below and share your experiences with us today.


Author: James

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8 thoughts on “Why Steve Jobs was an Inspiration in Helping me Give up Drinking”

  1. All your posts are very inspiring on my personal quest to hang up the shot glasses, for good. Steve Jobs is an inspiration to me in many ways. Inspiring by reading about his healthy lifestyle, when I am currently in the process of giving up alcohol, but also inspiring to me because of the two Steve’s, (let’s not forget about Steve Wazniak), tech genius and creativity. I am and always will be a computer geek, and it’s hard to pursue such passions when you’re drinking and hungover, etc. Even if you don’t drink that often, it’s that one time when you do drink and can’t control the amount you drink, months down the road, or that time next year at the party when you have terrible judgement and hop behind the wheel. It’s kind of hard to pursue passions and goals in life when you can’t drive, or worse. Not just that but I’m sick of wasting days really hungover, wasting tons of money, drinking and dailing (your ex wife at 4 am lol) , being too friendly at bars buying people drinks, waking up here and there at some strange woman’s house with her young children standing beside the bed in the morning staring at you while you sleep lol, ya sure it’s funny now. I’m sure Steve Jobs never put himself in those situations. Life is short people, dont waste ANY of it on meaningless alcohol. Chris H.


  2. Great blog something that I can really relate to. Why fog the mind when it’s perfect as it is. I say that yet I like to have a drink but over the past few years I’ve been looking closely at why and testing myself to see if I could stop completely. Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Thanks Fluid for taking the time to read my blog and leave your comment. It’s great to hear! Good luck on your journey – being sober has taken me to a higher level and better place.


  3. Yes, good post and smart title. It does bring a lot of traffic to a topic that can help others. I also need help to manage drinking, to keep the mind sharper at most times. I had a similar post title and traffic result on why Peyton Manning prefers Google Plus, but I didn’t really know Peyton or his social media preferences.


  4. I went to Macworld the year Steve came back to Apple. When he walked on stage a an indescribable wave of energy went through the room and I felt the hair stand up all over my body. The man had an amazing presence. And when he spoke people nodded and said “Yes. I see!” A very inspiring man and one of my heros as well.


    1. Hi and thanks for your comment!
      Yep – I sensed the stage presence he had from watching him do his Keynote speeches, unfortunately though not in person. He always had a total connection with his audiences.
      Very inspiring indeed.


  5. Steve didn’t drink very much. He was known to have a couple of nice wines, maybe a beer or two but it really was a very peripheral side to his nature. I’m guessing this from what I’ve read and also because of his personality. I’m pretty sure that when he was younger he drank a few occasionally but probably became a practical teetotaller later in life. A personality like that does not want his mind fogged by anything; you have my word on that.


    1. Hi Nicholas,
      Thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you about his personality type not wanting to be fogged by drinking.
      I’ve found that now I’m sober the whole time there is just so much to do and a real sense of not wanting to lose that time wasted on something as dull as a hangover.

      He continues to be an inspiration for me.


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