Friends key to Help Beat Drink Problem

When you give up drinking, life changes completely. Suddenly you’ve made a break from the old habits of going out on the weekend and getting drunk with friends, to staying at home trying to come to terms with your decision not to drink. How successful you’ll be in giving up drinking can be down to many things, but most importantly how much support you get from friends and family. I saw the following Tweet yesterday about @SarahNHarding who’s band mates had decided to give up drinking in their up coming tour to support her in her bid to live a sober life.

The first few weeks of me giving up was hard enough, but similar support from family in particular kept me on the straight and narrow. Most of my mates supported me, but they weren’t in a rush to put down their beers to help out. That was OK, but it took me a while before I was able to brave a Saturday night out in town with them. Until then, the idea of clubbing and holding onto a mineral water didn’t appeal. But in time it did, and it was good to be back out, though this time life was a lot less stressful because I’d ditched the need to drink.

Friends and family are so important, don’t underestimate their support, in those early days, weeks and months seek them out and get strength from them. Close friends and family will be more than understanding in your need. No doubt you’ve helped them in periods of their life, so a little back to help you is OK.

I hope the Girls Aloud tour goes well, and of course in particular for a fellow non-drinker Sarah. I’m sure the rest of the group are going to learn something from abstaining from drink during that time as well. Maybe they will follow Sarah’s path? Good luck to them all. Living sober is such a worthwhile journey to be on.


Author: James

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2 thoughts on “Friends key to Help Beat Drink Problem”

    1. Thanks Lisa, It was an obvious blog post as soon as I saw the story! Friends are so important to help you through.
      Great to get your feedback, as always.
      All the best,


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