David Beckham in Edinburgh Filming Haig Whiskey Advert

David Beckham, international footballer turned global icon, signed up for a new partnership with Diego Haig whiskey in April and was spotted recently in Edinburgh filming a new ad for the campaign. Beckham has a great brand appeal that has worked for him well off as well as on the football field. He’s an impressionable man and I’m sure Diego will hope the partnership will increase its premium whiskey sales to young drinkers, which is precisely why it is a shame that they’ve been able to get Beckham to work with them. Make an impression he most certainly will because of his appeal to school children and youngsters alike. Young kids need positive role models, one like Beckham himself and not be encouraged to drink whiskey.

Better known for promoting Armani aftershaves and Versace underwear, he has built himself up into a brand of his own. He and his wife Victoria are a kind of role model themselves with 15 years marriage and 4 kids, whilst at the same time managing the celebrity lifestyle. It’s ironic because Beckham lives more or less as a teetotal, how else does such a high level of sporting success happen? Being teetotal probably helps serve a more important goal and helps avoid being caught by passing paparazzi and thus protects his own brand image.

Using celebrities to promote drink is just one more reason why we should consider banning alcohol advertising. How different is it to the ads from the 1950s with John Wayne sponsoring Camel cigarettes, who focussed on the fact that they were mild cigarettes and didn’t affect his voice! Working with Diego, Beckham was quoted as saying that he was happy to be supporting a homegrown brand with 400 years of history. How long before we can look back and think it strange to see ads for alcohol in magazines and on TV?

If I could get 5 minutes to talk with Mr B., I’d encourage him to stick to the pants and scents. It’s not like he needs the money and by doing that he just might not encourage more youngsters into a life of drink.


Author: James

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