7 Ways That Life is Better Without Drink

Want to start a new life, thinking of giving up drinking but too afraid to start? Here’s 7 effective ways that prove that life is better without drink. I’ve experienced all 7 and know that life without drinking is more worthwhile that one where you’re binge drinking at every opportunity. Read on and see what you think.

1. No hangovers
Let’s face it, hangovers are crap. No-one likes to spend any amount of time slumped in bed or on the sofa unable or unwilling to do anything other than sleep off the night before. But, if hangovers were great it would be even harder to give up drinking…so there are good reasons to be grateful that hangovers are crap.

2. Improved general health and energy
It’s the ultimate detox and within a couple of days you’ll find yourself feeling better, sleeping better and in time your skin and overall body will feel much better. By not drinking all that alcohol and sugar and the takeaway food diet that goes hand in hand with drink, you’ll find your overall health gradually improving. You’ll also find that you’ve more energy and you’ll start finding more time to do things and with the extra energy, you’ll want to do more things.

3. No more late night takeaways
When you’re drunk even the largest kebab stuffed with meat, salad and chilli looks so appetising, but is it? When you drink then often it is. But the minute you give up drinking, the late night food suddenly doesnt seem necessary at all. The following day, I’d always wake up the following day with the feeling that someone or something had died in my mouth! That late night kebab is now a long gone, distant memory. I’ve stopped those late night stops at the kebab van, though I’ve not stopped eating kebabs, I simply choose better places to eat them. That dodgy kebab caravan seller, parked outside the night clubs in town is not somewhere I go anymore, thankfully!

4. No more embarrassing moments
You can’t be sophisticated when drunk, the two just don’t mix and is one of the reasons why you’ll find that most Italians don’t binge drink, instead they hang round cafes and gelaterias (ice cream parlours). When you’re drunk then the chances of you doing something even slightly embarrassing is highly likely. Nowadays social media can now make a viral star of you, with your antics shared globally through Facebook or YouTube and in an instant ruin your job or career prospects.

5. Clearer goals and more optimism
Flushed with the success of giving up drinking you’ll be inspired to go on and find new goals to achieve. I’ve probably done more in the 7 years since I gave up drinking than I did in all the years previously, I’ve spent a lot less time sitting round recovering from hangovers and feeling miserable, to now spending time planning or doing more things that add value to my life.

6. You’ll feel better and so will those around you
You’ll feel better inside and on the outside you’ll radiate a bigger smile and more confidence, after all you can go to bars and live the life without needing to drink to support you. You’ll feel like you can move mountains and feeling better you’ll radiate this new found feeling to those around you. If your drinking affected those around you, now that you’ve given up you’ll notice that they no longer have to deal with your mood swings, lack of interest, humiliation, etc. The list could go on, but in short they’ll be so much happier with you. You might find that you don’t just change your life, but those around you also.

7. More time to do the things that give you pleasure
With binge drinking now in the past you can spend more time doing the things that you want to do, whether that be more time travelling, spending time with family or learning new things. With a clear head 24/7, you’re able to squeeze more out of life.

There we are, 7 ways that your life can definitely improve by giving up drink. There are so many other ways, this is just my list of the top 7. It would be wonderful to hear from you and hear what you’d add to this list. Simply add your comment below. You might even inspire others to do the same.


Author: James

Sharing stories of recovery and strategies to help you keep sober. Visit my blog today - https://givingupdrink.home.blog

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