Note to Self – Relax

Note to self...relaxNote to self…relax. I found this image the other day while flicking through Pinterest.

Sometimes in this busy world relaxing is the one thing we tend not to do so much of. We’re so connected now with smartphones and social media and it’s hard to think back to when we didn’t have these distractions, when life was somehow simpler. But relaxing is actually a big part of the process, it helps your recovery and you benefit more if you schedule time to do it. By taking time out to reflect on your progress it’s a way for you to see how far you’ve travelled. Writing a journal or diary is something i’ve always recommended if you’re starting out in your recovery. Taking time to write up your thoughts is a great start and so is taking time to relax and read about notes you made last week or 6 months before. Reflection is so important, by taking time to reflect you’ll get a deeper understanding of where you’re at in your recovery and if you are making progress.

I read today, on my phone (ironically I know!), this article that talks about living without the distractions of your mobile phone. In an attempt to relax more and the fact that my phone has been a major distraction lately I decided to remove all the apps on it and make it just a phone again. Not surprisingly I’ve had one of the most peaceful days in a long time! I’m planning on keeping it that way. I figure I’m never far from my email, Twitter or blog, but I don’t really need all that on my phone, what is needed is some space and time to relax.

So taking time out to relax is important, it helps you focus on you, your recovery and where you’ve come from to where you’re now headed. Pin this picture on your fridge door and remember to take a time out occasionally to relax. You’ll be glad you did. And after you’ve relaxed, return and write up a comment here to let us know what you think.


Author: James

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2 thoughts on “Note to Self – Relax”

  1. James, I simply love this post. I just returned from a long hiatus form the social media/digital world I couldn’t be more relaxed. Thanks for the reminder to stay in the relaxed zone even though I am now home and back to routine. It only takes a little effort to journal a few lines and reconnect or turn off my cell phone. Sage advice, especially for those of us who tend to be addictive. w/ gratitude, Lisa


    1. Great to hear from you again Lisa – my holiday isn’t far away and I too am looking forward to being out of the digital world for a week or two. Keep in touch, always enjoy your posts and comments!


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