Change your thoughts and you change your World

Change Your Thoughts And You Change Your World

‘Change your thoughts and you change your World’, – Norman Vincent Peale

A book that has helped me to change my thoughts and work on new ways to take on the world is ‘The Obstacle is the Way’, by Ryan Holiday (Amazon US/GB). Based on the philosophy of stoicism, the book draws on the writings of the Greek philosophers including Seneca and Epictetus and applied to modern day examples including sport and business.

For example, there is a chapter on altering your perspective,  describing how fear can be debilitating, distracting and irrational. But if you break down fear, you make it smaller and less significant. I thought I’d lose all my friends when I gave up drinking. In fact, I didn’t, but I also gained a lot more non-drinking friends.

Others chapters look at sports achievements made because they focused on the things they could change and influence, whilst blotting out everything that they had absolutely no control over.

It’s one of my recommended books, especially if you’re serious about changing your outlook and making a new life.

Peale was an American author and minister and wrote the book, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’.


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