Not Too Late To Join Alcohol Concern’s Dry January Campaign

C1eIphhXUAAVu_0If you’re thinking of stopping drinking and are looking for inspiration have a look at Alcohol Concern as they are running the Dry January campaign. There’s still plenty of time to get involved. I can vouch for all three stats here – but according to Alcohol Concern, 79% of people who take part save money, 62% slept better and 49% lost weight.

There are loads of resources on their website, with stories from those who have taken part and gave up drinking, together with apps to help you control your drinking and information leaflets to help inspire you to do the same.

It’s not too late to join in, and if you think that it’s too late to make a start, it isn’t! :o)

No matter when you chose to give up drinking, especially binge drinking, you’ll find that you can totally transform the rest of your life.

Information Links:
Download the App

Pre-Register for 2019

Pre-register and take part in Dry January, 2019

P.s. You don’t have to be in the UK to do this, use their resources to take part where you live!


Go Sober for October – MacMillan Cancer Research UK

GoSoberUK - MacMillan Cancer Support Fundraising Event

Are you a drinker who wants a challenge? Then #GoSoberUK could be just the ticket for you. This is a month long fundraising event sponsored by MacMillan Cancer Support that aims to get people to stop drinking during this October, while at the same time raise funds for its charity services. There is a huge amount of information on the GoSober website, including sponsorship forms, fundraising tips and a chart to help you keep track of your progress.

Founded in 1911, MacMillan is now one of the largest UK cancer charities, they offer support to cancer sufferers across the UK from advice on how to cope with cancer diagnosis to nursing and therapist support staff. They found inspiration for this particular fundraising theme from Dry July, an annual Australian event that started out by three fundraisers in 2008.

If you want to try here are some tips to help you manage the month without drinking:

  1. Clear out your house of all tempting drinks from the fridge, drinks cabinet, clear them out and donate to friends or family
  2. Combine it with a general attempt at improving your fitness, so look at ways you can cook new things, or try to do more long walks or runs to help your general well being
  3. Try different drinks, mocktails and soft drinks as well as my favourite, sparkling water
  4. Use what you’re doing as a conversation starter – it switches the focus from you not drinking to the reason why you’re doing this, plus you can use it as a chance to raise extra money

Many people may not realise that drinking alcohol can greatly increase the chances of developing cancer in later life. This includes increased risks of cancer in the throat, colon, liver and potentially the breast. Though not fully understood by medical professionals it is thought that alcohol can damage tissues, can react with other chemicals in the body to form toxins, lowers the levels of nutrients in the body, and can contribute to weight gain, all of which puts additional stress on the body and its functions.

Though this is a lighthearted approach, it is a great opportunity for you to look at your drinking levels from a different perspective. You might be pleasantly surprised that you can manage to abstain for the month and decide to give up drinking completely.

Let us know in the comments below if you decide to take this challenge up and keep us updated with your progress. For more information visit the website for more information and ideas to raise money for MacMillan.

More Resources:

Donate directly –

Support by shopping –

General cancer information: