5 Years Ago Today I Was Drinking My Last Drink

Feeling just about as serene as the picture above, this is how I feel this morning on waking to realise that it is now 5 years since I gave up drinking. If you’d asked me 6 years ago how I would feel about giving up drinking, I’d have told you that for me it would never be possible, it was too entwined in my life, my friends and how I relaxed. Now I’m completely changed and for the better too. Giving it up let me throw away things in my life that weren’t important, and at the same time it let me attract things that were, like a wife and child.

5 years without a single hangover has been wonderful. No more lost mornings or days feeling completely wrecked, languishing around on the sofa because, quite frankly nothing else was possible. Since then my productivity rate has greatly increased. I get so much done now, at home and in work. Because this monkey is now firmly off my back I’m able to relax and do the things I want to, when I want to.

So by giving up drinking I ended up gaining so much more than I’d have ever thought was possible. The genie is definitely out of the lamp now, no chance it could ever go back. I don’t think about missing drinking, don’t harbour any reservations about going back to it, have just been fortunate to be able to walk away from it. I now believe the whole experience has made me so much stronger in myself, how I approach life and what I get back from it.

So roll on the next 5 years, and many more after that as well. I’m enjoying watching my daughter grow, and to do so through sober eyes is a gift from God.

Steve Jobs Stanford University Acceptance Speech 2005

Inspiration comes in many forms, none more so than in his acceptance speech that Steve Jobs gave Stanford University in 2005. This 15 minute video is full of the quotes that are flying around the Internet now following his untimely death.

Steve Jobs gave inspiration to millions, including me not on the topic of giving up alcohol or drinking, but in chasing the important things in your life. Things like not accepting second best, being true to yourself and above all, living your life for you, not for someone else.