Getting Help For Your Drink Problem

My cousin gave up drinking about 7 years before me. He was the inspiration behind me giving up alcohol as well. I figured if he could do it then so could I. He also became my official ‘sponsor’ and answered my calls sometimes in the middle of the night when I felt the urge to have a drink. He was brilliant in talking with me, most importantly listening to me. This blog is dedicated to all the sponsors out there that are helping people overcome their addition.

I started out using Twitter and found a lot of like minds that collectively helped inspire me. I follow a small number of people, all of which I’ve got help from or tweeted with and each helped me on my way. I then started this blog as I found that I wanted to put together longer posts and talk in more details about how I actually got through the process of giving up.

I realise not everyone has yet got to the point that I did and are still drinking, or just cannot give it up. Alcoholism is a disease and needs treatment. If you’re struggling, then you should think about professional help and there are a number of charities around that can give you some guidance. Alcohol Concern in the UK would be a good starting point, so too would contacting your local doctor who will be able to give you more help as well as point you in the direction of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Luckily for us all, the Internet is with us and offers tons of resources as well as helping to keep things anonymous, which is what most people want to do.

Here are some sites that can offer help with regular tips and news that might help you on your journey.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcohol Concern
Alcohol Support (UK)
Re-Thinking Drinking (USA) – helplines etc.
Alcohol Concern – Dry January
Go Sober For October – Macmillan Cancer Charity
Lisa Neumann’s Blog on Programming an Addictive Mind


8 thoughts on “Getting Help For Your Drink Problem”

  1. James, Jo Jo and Keith, so nice to log-in and see all your kind messages, thank you. Today has been a much better day. It seems a long way off but I’m trying to envisage achieving what you three have. I was assuming everyone else had some sort of super-power but it s reassuring that everyone struggles so much early on. thank you again….it was the injection of positivity I need xxx Lisa


    1. Hah. Afraid I am somewhat lacking in the superpower dept. it’s determination, will power and motivation that will see you through. Others can help but ultimately it’s what you continue to tell yourself and focus on. I binge drank for near enough 20 years and its amazing to discover a different way to live life.

      It has been far from easy. There are still days and certain events or situation that test your ability to stay on the wagon. You do start to ope better with them and the craving become less. I have a list as long as my arm of the benefits I have found to being sober (181 days now). The benefits of drinking column is lonely empty place!

      Getting past the first few weeks is tough. I always focused on the fact that if I drank I’d have to go through all that again at some point. If I stayed off the booze I’d never have to go through it again. I was grumpy, irritable, manic, sad, happy and focused from hour to hour but it settles and life gets so much better.

      Stay strong and keep posting,



  2. i have a urge to drink around 5 pm or bit later in evening i say that morning im not going to drink but i end up going oh well cant hurt i just dont feel much else around me is as fun as drinking and i cant get out of that rut ,,,i need help?????


    1. Hi
      this is amit alcoholic.
      A year ago I was same like you.
      then I came to know about AA.
      now I m sober for more than one year. If u need
      need any help I m there for you.


  3. Just curious, what websites do you recommend for for support. Would be nice to find some “good” websites that can offer some sound advice. Thank!


    1. Hi Ruben,
      Many thanks for leaving such a nice comment earlier, I’m really glad that u find my blog inspirational, it’s one of the reasons why I decided to write it. To be honest I’ve found tons of support on Twitter. Have u tried looking there? There are a good number of people that write regularly giving each other support. Often there are links to articles on overcoming addiction that are worth reading and exploring.
      I’ll make sure my links are updated here on the blog to include some of the blogs I read lately.
      All the best and hope to hear from you again soon.



      1. It is great you were able to help yourself and now helping others by sharing your personal story! There are a lot of drug & alcohol treatment centers out there and we hope those in need will find the right one for them that will result in sobriety for life.

        We are a holistic 12 step drug & alcohol treatment center(s) based in Arizona. We offer a naturopathic detox and nutrition approach. Giving the body intense nutrition quickly (IV therapy) helps speed up the recovery. Of course the sun and new surroundings can be helpful for those who need/want to get away. The program is very affordable and we welcome you to take a look at our program. Here is a recent testimony of a client who is now a successful life coach ; )



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