Why Steve Jobs was an Inspiration in Helping me Give up Drinking

Believe it or not, the question of whether or not Steve Jobs drank alcohol brings more traffic to my site that anything else. Why? Well my blog about Steve Jobs’ Stanford University graduation speech seems to bring a ton of traffic about it.

As to whether or not he actually drank or was an alcoholic I can’t say. I read Walter Isaacson’s biography on Jobs within a week of it coming out, there weren’t any signs about him being an alcoholic. He was a hero of mine from years back, so I was happy to at least read that he wasn’t a regular drunk, though he clearly experimented with drugs in his early years. The reason I was so interested in Jobs, enough to write about his Stanford accept speech, was his inspiration. If you ever wanted to see how a presentation should be delivered, all you needed to do was watch any of his keynotes. He kept them uncluttered, simple and timed to perfection.

He inspired me and I enjoyed following his career and the rise of Apple Inc. Inspiration is the key to giving up drinking or smoking or whatever it is you are addicted to. Alcohol was my demon and anyone with a similar addiction will know how hard it is to give it up.

So in giving up you need inspiration. You need to know that it is worthwhile, this life change, and something worth should bother to do. Without inspiration, giving up anything is much, much harder.

So whether or not he was drunk is immaterial to me. He inspired me to find myself and in that process was able to find a route to give up drinking. It inspired me to start this blog to write about my journey and the progress I made along it. You guys who read and post comments give me the inspiration to continue and keep posting here on my Blog. Without inspiration none of us would be able to do anything, we’d have no focus or guide to pull us out and upward to a better place.

I hope that those of you who are starting out on the road to recovery get some inspiration from me to. I’d love to think that the pain of what I’ve been through helps you to get to your destination more quickly. Enjoy your life and make something of it. Make your plan to stop drinking today and go for it!

What do you think? Please write and tell me in the comments below and share your experiences with us today.

Steve Jobs Stanford University Acceptance Speech 2005

Inspiration comes in many forms, none more so than in his acceptance speech that Steve Jobs gave Stanford University in 2005. This 15 minute video is full of the quotes that are flying around the Internet now following his untimely death.

Steve Jobs gave inspiration to millions, including me not on the topic of giving up alcohol or drinking, but in chasing the important things in your life. Things like not accepting second best, being true to yourself and above all, living your life for you, not for someone else.